ABF Custom Manufacturing is a renowned custom tool and die making specialist based in Mississauga, Ontario. We provide state-of-the-art capabilities to customers in a variety of industries, and for a wide range of applications. We bring decades of experience in the industry to our customers, with a commitment to only providing the best price, delivery and quality. ABF Custom Manufacturing works to precision tolerances for all of our tool and die projects and have a well-equipped tool room and supplier network to ensure quick turnaround.


We delivers superior quality with a dedicated in-house team of tool designers, top-of-the-line software, world-class facilities and industry leading delivery timeframes. With years of experience and an uncompromising commitment to excellence, we can create tools to the precise specifications you need.


Ability to design and deliver complex and custom tool and die requirements.

We can enable any idea to be transformed into tangible and viable outcomes. We have the knowledge to take client concepts and turn them into a commercially usable product. ABF Custom Manufacturing has developed products for a wide range of industries and dealing with critical product elements such as complex forms, dimensions, tolerances, finishes and materials are standard practise within our business.


ABF Custom Manufacturing offers custom tool and die services including design/engineering, build/fabrication, repair/maintenance/ modification. We have experience with single operation and progressive dies as well as deep draw dies and custom machines. You can collaborate with us and avoid lengthy delays in getting your product into the market place. We can provide a tailored service to meet your expectations within the agreed timeframe and price point.


The tool design procedure is a structured process as we are committed to accuracy and quality: At our state-of-the-art Mississauga plant, we use a wide range of machining techniques to achieve a product that best suits the requirements of the customer.


Today, as one of the GTA’s leading full-service tool and die companies, we offer unrivalled tool and die design, delivery and support. Beyond tool and die making capabilities, ABF is a trusted turnkey solution provider for anything and everything precision tooling and die-casting. We work collaboratively with our clients to understand the specific requirements, needs and philosophy ensuring a successful outcome.


As a comprehensive service provider, we deliver unrivalled capability in designing and developing die casting designs that satisfy your functionality requirements. Plus, our faster product design capabilities help you enter the marketplace ahead of the competition.


Achieving the optimum design for a new product does not always mean creating the most elaborate and feature packed item, it is normally about creating an elegant and simple design that will perform the desired function in the market place. We use research and our in-house knowledge to identify the optimum function, aesthetics, ergonomics, manufacturability, and cost.


If you have a new concept, or are looking to facelift an existing product, please contact our team to discuss your tool design needs.


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