Laser Cutting

If you’re looking for laser cutting services in Mississauga, you’ve stopped by at the right place! We offer a range of laser cutting services including round, square, rectangle, C-Channel and angle iron shapes - with minimal dead zone.

What is laser cutting used for?

Laser cutting is used across various sectors and industries. Take this beautiful piece home decor example: a copper laser cut screen. This is a perfect example of the precision and definition laser cutting can achieve. From the initial drawing to the finished product - laser cutting can be used to achieve a plethora of designs.

Other places you can see laser cutting include in:

  • Custom Signage (marketing)

  • Retail

  • Sports equipment

  • Design and art

  • Lighting

  • Furniture

  • Architecture

  • Wedding industries

  • Toy manufacturing

  • Industrial parts

  • Agricultural machinery

  • Construction

  • Aerospace Industries

  • Automotive Industries

  • Medical Industries

  • Military

  • Custom tools

  • Custom parts

  • Appliances

… and much more!


There are so many possibilities with laser cutting and we see this being implemented in wedding decorations to designs and parts for the latest rides at Canada’s Wonderland.

 The use and function of laser cutting can extend beyond your imagination. Plus, chances are, if you look hard enough, you’ll start to notice the dozens of laser-cut items that are already around you in your everyday life!

What Kind Of Materials Can Be Laser Cut?

Custom laser cutting can be achieved on a range of materials. Metals include aluminum, stainless steel alloys, copper and carbon steel.

Non-metal materials include: plastic, leather, acrylic, paper, rubber, cork, melamine, delrin, veneer, delrin and wood.

Laser cutting can also involve engraving services as well.

Engraving materials include wood, plastic, glass, acrylic, corian, gabric, anodized aluminum, stone, ceramics, cork and much more!

What Is The Difference Between Laser Cutting and Waterjet Cutting?

Laser cutting is used for small to large quantities of irregular-shaped parts. It uses a laser to make its cuts, therefore using heat to tool the materials. It has a high turnaround rate making it great for making a lot of product in a short amount of time. This can be used for an array of metals that can go up to ⅝” of thickness.

It’s a cost-effective and burr-free option -- meaning no metal extends beyond the intended cut. The cutting tolerances can be customized and repeated to ensure a fast production rate.

Waterjet Cutting involves using water compressed up to 60 000 psi jet streams. This method causes no heat affected zones (HAZ) or material distortion. These jet streams have the immense power to cut material up to 12” thick! Water cutting is best used on aluminum, thick carbon steel, titanium, brass, copper,  plastic or rubber.

However, since waterjet cutting uses such high velocities with and abrasive streams of water, it can be used to cut several other materials including: armor plate, wood, phenolic, foams, marble, ceramics, granite and more.

Are you looking for high quality, custom laser cutting services in the Mississauga area? Get in contact with us at ABF Custom MFG to get the process started!


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