CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) is a program controlled automation machine. The machine's control system can logically process the program with the control code or other symbol instruction, decode it by the computer, so that the machine can perform the prescribed action, and cut the blank into semi-finished finished parts by cutting the tool.  

Thanks to its high strength, toughness and low cost advantages CNC processing is the preferred choice for sample production today.

CNC Machining is a versatile option for ABF Manufacturing. Our high precision CNC Milling and turning services are perfect for both one-off prototypes and low-mass volume production runs.

We are able to offer competitive prices and at the same time deliver superior surface finishes from a huge variety of material options. That's why we consider, CNC Machining as the backbone of our services.


ABF Manufacturing - your Comprehensive CNC Team

As a full service state-of-the-art organization, we offer a complete range of custom precision machining and turnkey manufacturing solutions customized to your needs. Our machines are capable of performing the tightest threading functions on big pipes with precision and speed. To maximize productivity, our team can match in-feed patterns and cutting increments too.


We have the capacity to handle prototype batch sizes up to full production quantities. Our skilled, trained staff can offer a variety of machining options in both milling and turning. And our fabrication and welding team provide the added flexibility, value and cost effectiveness to even complex jobs. This is how we provide the highest level of quality.


In addition to our full service shop capabilities, with our comprehensive experience and trusted reliability you can be confident in choosing us for your next CNC Turning project.


Key Benefits of CNC Turning with ABF Manufacturing:

1: Be it a high precision need or a quick turnaround project, you can trust us to carefully listen to your needs and meet requirements precisely. We can work longer hours if needed to provide shaft turning for your time-sensitive projects.

2: ABG's CNC Turning can accommodate a wide array of customer requirements. We adequately support large and small production runs by a bar feed system ensuring shorter lead times and higher cost effectiveness. Live tooling adds to our CNC Lathes versatility by reducing the number of operations needed for more complex geometries.  

3:  Our CNC turning equipment is adequately equipped for large shaft turning production runs prototype machining and more. This gives us the flexibility to meet our customers’ needs more efficiently.

4: ABF Manufacturing boasts of the best Engineers and technicians in the industry with years of invaluable CNC Turning experience - now at your service.


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